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Biodegradable, plastic free meat packaging

We are now packing our minces, sausages, steaks, chicken portions, burgers, braising steaks, casserole cubes, chops, livers and heart in Eco Pouches, which are fully home compostable and biodegradable vacuum packing pouches.


These pouches are plastic free, that is, not derived from fossil fuels. Eco pouches are PLA FREE  (PLA, or polylactic acid, is a processed bioplastic which releases substances that are harmful to health and have the potential to be toxic).  They’re made using 100% natural foods stuff ingredients - the main ingredients are paper, eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn starch – which are made into a plant-based polymer sheet that behaves much like plastic. They are manufactured in the UK.


Eco pouches are fully compostable -domestically within 26 weeks at ambient temperatures and within 12 weeks industrially at 60 degrees. This has been externally verified and accredited by internationally renowned safety, quality, and environmental group TUV (Austria) to composting standard SO370 for Industrial and domestic.


The pouches are also ‘ocean friendly’ with their properties to break down within 26 weeks when exposed to a typical sea environment.


These Eco Pouch biodegradable Vacuum Pouches are suitable for Sous Vide cooking, ambient, chilled, and frozen food storage. These biodegradeable vacuum Pouches have been approved under the European Directive EC 2002 / 72 for food contact and also confirmed as having no GMOs (genetically modified organisms).



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